Friday, September 16, 2011

Mid-September Denuding of the Vines + Bread Baking

I managed to find my bread maker book along with the little instruction manual for using the two small pans that goes with it and sync it up with a recipe I found online here ... with a few changes (added garden chives instead of onions, and cheddar instead of parmesan, etc). I became impatient with how much mixing and waiting time was going on with the machine and whipped the dough out, put it in bread pans, bowls and muffin tins and into my toaster oven.

It goes well with the zucchini marmalade I also adapted to my own taste & what was in my cupboards from the BerNARdin Preserving Book.

It reminds me a little of an interesting vegan recipe for a wacky cake from that I want to try.

It was a nice way to finish the day off after spending time in the garden ...

I was surprised to find raspberries bursting forth like there is no tomorrow at such a late date. I've had them in the garden now for three years and they've done nothing ... to the point I thought they were pretend look-a-likes and I even uprooted one only to find the tag attached to it still letting me know it was a bush I'd paid good money for (so it's now sitting in a container of water trying to fully overcome the trauma I set upon it). Happily it's doing very well again.

When I first looked at the vines I thought there weren't very many ripe tomatoes; but then when I began collecting them, I realized I'd have a batch big enough to be able to can. There are still so many green tomatoes left and I really hope we have some sunny days so it's not all going into green tomato relish. I was 2 weeks late planting tomatoes this year and it's really showing.

I am afraid I am going to have to uproot the morning glories very soon so they don't seed themselves here again next year. Who am I kidding right - no matter what I do, they are going to keep coming back here. What have I done? I really like them but I've had enough infestations to deal with already - the mint has actually grown through the creeping charlie that I didn't have time to get to the root of over on the far left-hand side of the garden ... so I'm going to really get in there and do it some damage once I get all the tomatoes off their vines.

The door frame has once again toppled but I'm not too worried about it now. I needed it to get into the potato patch and I just trampled over the vines and went in (and pulled up what appear to be the same seed potatoes I originally planted in Spring) ... the toppled doorway still allows the vines to breathe.

Here are 3 of the 6 cream coloured pumpkins growing on the fence - they are doing really well up there.

Here's another 1 of the 6 pumpkins - it's about the same size as the ones on the fence and it too is doing really well.

... and a baby pumpkin - I wonder if it will be big enough to pick by the end of October ... maybe I can leave it on the vine longer so long as we don't get early snow.

And I was very happy to see some baby zucs - as much as I'm almost sick of them - I know I'm not and won't be - there is something about them makes me smile - maybe I'll get these guys while they're still relatively small.

Up at the top you can see the bag of lemon balm beside the small silly amount of potatoes that you can't even see in the photo that I was able to farm after digging almost down to China and into my neighbours garden searching for any wayward ones that might have gone astray. There is a nice bag of fancy large tomatoes and a fair number of red figs and cherries. There are not many pastes which I find surprising but I guess I've harvested most of them already. There were some tomatilloes that had fallen off the plant (I usually like to wait and get them all at the very end of the season) and some cucumbers which I was pleasantly surprised to find because I really thought they were finshed. I have lots of herbs (oregano, thyme, rosemary) to add to breads and sauces. And I'll be making teas.

Oh - and the entire time I was in the garden - there was a brazen little chipmunk in as well eating breakfast as if I wasn't even there.


  1. Hi there, I'm Melissa from Food Bloggers of Canada. Just stopped by to check out your blog and let you know that we've added you to our member directory. Welcome aboard!

    Now that your raspberries are producing there will be no stopping them. Mine have to be hacked back every year because they'll take over your whole garden. And if you harvest those green tomatoes and keep them on a sheet of newspaper somewhere warm, they'll ripen up on their own (but that green relish would be good too!)

  2. HOLY MACARONI! I just found your blog and am so excited!!!! I'm moving to T.O. in Nov and want to have a garden too. Will you be my mentor? Too late! ;)

  3. Melissa - Wow thanks for your suggestions about my green tomatoes and for adding me to Food Bloggers Member Directory - I feel humbled & honoured.

    Sam - of course I will BUT there are others who are far more knowledgeable - I'll hook you up with them ... get in touch when you get here! I'll DM you. You will LOVE the gardening communities here in Toronto!